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The springtime of your life

Remember when you were a kid and you could finally play outside without those heavy snow boots? You could wear a light coat and best of all, you got to wear your sneakers. It felt like if you jumped, you could go straight to the porch roof, you felt so much lighter.

No mittens, no hat, no boots. The sled went into the basement for another three seasons. You got some new cat's eyes to add to your marble collection.

Spring riding is a lot like that. You wear only a couple of layers of clothes, not five. You put on lighter cycling shoes. You don't need a touque under your helmet anymore. The studded tires go into the basement. The new Cat Eye is on your handlebar.

So now instead of riding just to show that it can be done in winter, you ride for the fun of it. The bike is lighter, the trails look newer, and the air is fresher.

Even though we get one year older each spring, each spring brings us back a notch towards our youth. A youth where spring means newer, lighter, fresher.

Enjoy every springtime when it comes. Because November comes sooner than you think.

Contributed by
Rick MacMillan
March 26, 2006

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