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The smell of spring is in the air

My nose tells me that spring is here.

No, it's not the smell of tulips or the scent of thawing mud. Nor is it the smell of warming asphalt on the roads.

It's the smell of dog poop.

Forget the crocuses and robins, to heck with the budding trees and the longer days for after-supper rides. I know that spring is here when frozen turds thaw.

The winter deposits along the roads and streets in my neighbourhood have made their appearance and they are the one true sign that spring has sprung.

The effectiveness of poop-and-scoop laws become clear when the receding winter snow reveals these droppings. Yes, foul bowel extrusions from fugitive owner's pets can clog your knobbies more than any swamp ooze.

Hint of the month: check your tires before bringing your bike in the house.

contributed by:
Rick MacMillan
April 20, 2004

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